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Library Management System Features & Library Automation Software Features

A key to utilize, control and manage limitless ocean of book publications and content.

Library Management Software By
Our library automation and networking software is stuffed with features and stretched in Quality And that's why we say ITS NOT JUST A SOFTWARE ITS A REAL LIBRARY AUTOMATION SOFTWARE. We will provide you library management website for accessing reports from everywhere. So this feature provide you more freedom and usability of this system. We have divided library management project into few different library management modules and these library Automation modules are given below with all details...

Management Panel
  • Magazine/Newspaper/CD Subscription management
  • Multiple Library Location setup feature
  • Membership Subscription Period management
  • Customizable Fine Settings for various Categories of Members
  • Books, Students And Staff Records Management.
  • Import & Export of Books & Members Data with Excel Format.
  • Full Traiking Details of Book's Issueed
  • Full Traiking Details of Book's Returned
  • Full Traiking Details of Book's in Recovery
  • Fine Balances Of Members
  • Book & Member Issue And Return History
  • Book & Member Issue And Return Tracking
  • Book Reservation System
  • Lost Book Recovery System
  • Write Off Of Books System
  • Bar-Code Printing & Reading Facility
  • Magazine Subscription Management System
  • Database Backup And Restore System
  • Camera Integration For Member Photo System

Other Reports
  • Book Issue Ledger Details
  • Book Return Details
  • Book Track Details
  • Details Of All Books
  • Write Off Book List Report
  • Magazines List Report
  • Member Track Detail Report
  • Member List Report
Comprehensive Reports
  • Members Fine Report
  • Fine balances of Members
  • Payments Recd by Members
  • Authors
  • Publishers
  • Vendors
  • Book Donors
  • Subjects
  • Categories
  • Members Categories & Rules
  • Complete Book Catalog
  • Books Purchased
  • List of Holidays

Search Reports
  • Search By Author System
  • Search Member Name Wise Report
  • Search By Almirah Report
  • Search By Book Name Report
  • Search By Category Report
  • Search By Medium Report
  • Search By Book Source Report
  • Search By Publisher Report
  • Search By Bill Number Report
  • Search By Year Report
  • Search By Accession Number Report
  • Search By Book Cost Report
  • Search By Pending List Report
  • Search By Purchase Date Report
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